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Thread: "Pleasant Sail Plan - Close Reaching Under Asymm And Stays'l"

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Pleasant Sail Plan - Close Reaching Under Asymm And Stays'l

Aaron Norlund

Hi all,

I had a chance to spend three days sailing last weekend and it was lovely. South Florida this time of year is beautiful - warm afternoons, cool evenings, good winds - just fantastic.

On the second day we sailed off anchor in about 15kts, but it soon tuckered to around eight, so I got the asymmetric spinnaker up for a broad reach ten miles across the harbor, which was lovely. Once to the other end, I had planned to pull it down and go back to windward under super yankee, stays'l and main, but the wind was still real light. Out of curiosity, I kept the main down, but hoisted the stays'l, and tightened the asymm's luff, then headed up.

I had assumed the boat wouldn't be able to creep past 80 with any headway. Boy I was surprised to find that I was making good about 50* apparent at almost five knots under the asymm and stays'l alone. It seems that the stays'l was helping to create a fast slot on the spinnaker, driving the boat upwind. It was fantastic! And the asymm is a recut symmetric, to boot, so it's not even all that flat!

Anyway, just thought I'd share that experience. I suggest messing with that setup some time if you're inclined. The main probably would've helped some in speed, but I couldn't get any higher without the chute collapsing.

A couple photos:
Close Reaching Asymm
Proof is in the windvane :)

My picasa account

Cheers all,
Aaron N.

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Larry Smith


Great photos. I noticed you have a 'stackpak' sailcover rigged for your main. I've 'built' one out of my old sail cover to try it out and use as a pattern if it works. So far I'm pleased with the functionality except under sail. When the main is lifted off the boom gallows I pick up a lot of slack in the sail cover and it flops around and billows out particulary near the aft end of the boom. Would you mind commenting on your experience and possibly posting a coupla pictures of how yours is rigged. Thanks.

Larry Smith

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