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Thread: "Mast Tabernacle Pin Sleeve Replacement"

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Mast Tabernacle Pin Sleeve Replacement

Terence Singh

Bud, as you know I had issues with Zaca's seized tabernacle pin.
I followed your instruction on cutting the pin and sleeve from the inside of the mast.
I subsequently had the new tube you supplied welded in place. The welds were at each end where the tube mates to the external re-enforcing disc that are welded to the outside of the mast.
The tube was also tacked in place on the inside. This was all performed by a professional welder.
My question, has this welding compremised the heat treatment the mast may have been given by LeFeil? Have I comprimised my Rig?

Bud Taplin

I cannot tell you if the welding has compromised the strength of the mast. I usually do not recommend welding in a new tube. See Page A-21 and A-22 of my Westsail Service Manual.

Terence Singh

I talked with Lefiell manufacturing, the original manufacturer of my mast. Rodney Hegera (??) has worked in there marine group for 28 years and is a great source of willing knowledge. Rodney explained that welding the mast presents absolutly no weakness to the structural integrity of the mast. In fact over time the weld will anneal and become as strong as when the section was first manufactured. In Rodney's words, welding is no problem at all. Rodney can be reached at 562-921-3411 x 277.

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