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Thread: "Texas Meet"

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Texas Meet

Does anyone in the Houston/Clear Lake area want to meet up at a local cafe? Ken on Satori

Ken, I am considering buying a W28 and have been reading all the info I can find. Have looked over three W32s from the dock at Watergate to learn what I can. I would like to meet with you in Clear Lake area and hear all that you would share about Westsails. You can reach me at 281-534-7103.



Just saw your post from almost a year ago. I'm in the market for a WS 32. I just about had my mind made up as opposed to the different makes and then I saw the USCG Real Perfect Storm website. That did it. What a tribute to the Westsail 32 and your own Satori. I'm in Houston. I hope to meet you someday and see your famous boat. I suppose there are just not that many Westsails on this coast, as I am not finding any listed here.


Randy, call me at 713-259-9370 during the day. Ken on Satori


Glad to get your message of a few days ago. I've made a note to give you a call. We have the same area code. Thanks for the message.
Randy Kocurek



FYI, I've run into a couple friends of yours. Mike & Cindy on Dragonheart? They said to tell you hello.


It's Monday afternoon, Oct. 23. I just tried the number you provided twice, and was told it was the wrong number twice. The number was 713-259-9370. Would you happen to have another number I could use to reach you. Or, you can reach me at 713-865-2683 anytime. Thanks.
Randy Kocurek


Hi Ken,I'll be moveing to Seabrook in a few weeks and begining work on Oceana.I'd like to get together for a gam.

s/v Oceana
409 682-2888

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