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Thread: "Rigid Boom Vangs - Opinions Please"

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Rigid Boom Vangs - Opinions Please

Jill Upchurch & Bruce Bird

We're thinking of putting a rigid boom vang on Daemon, our K32. I'd love opinions and comments, good & bad, about them. Any brands stand out as being particularly good? How do they work for keeping the boom out of the way when anchored? I have heard some reports they can be noisy under sail. Is this true? Love to hear your views, Jill K32 Daemon.

Bud Taplin

They work very well. Recommend buying one from Garhauer Marine. Much less expensive than other brands, and exceptionally well made.

Jill Upchurch & Bruce Bird

OK, so it sounds as if we'll be going for one. Only problem with getting a Garhauer in NZ is that agent seems to be a yachtie who just imports them to order, so one for our boat is about US$900 PLUS freight from USA and is indented to order, so a bit of a wait! All I can imgine is that he is buying at retail & adding margin to that. This makes it way more expensive than other brands, so short of importing one myself to save a few boat units, can anyone recommend another brand which I can try in the hope they may have a more sensible reseller approach?

Bud Taplin

I have been buying directly from Garhauer for over 30 years, so I should be able to get one of your choice for a decent price. Don't know what the shipping cost is, but probably not too high. You might also get someone you know who is traveling to the States to bring it back for you as luggage.

Jill Upchurch & Bruce Bird

Thanks, Bud, we may take you up on this. At the moment Daemon is up on the hard having a spanky new paint job, and the mast is in the boatyard shed having 10 coats of varnish attached, so when the two meet again, I'll do the measuring and get in touch with you then.
Thanks for your help,

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