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Thread: "Lifting A W32 Onto A Cradle"

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Lifting A W32 Onto A Cradle

Bud Taplin

Usually the cradles do not have a coutinuous beam running fore and aft under the keel. They have cross beams that the keel sits on, and areas between the cross beams where slings can be used. I would not recommend using the screw posts to lift the boat. They are there to hold the boat upright.

There are no other lift points other than under the keel.

Pad the cables well to prevent damage to the gelcoat.

Westsail did have two basic interior configurations, the dinette model, and the center table model. There were also other variations in interior furniture.

I would appreciate knowing the hull number and boat name, or the previous owners name, so that I may update my records. Please send an email to btaplin@westsail.com.

Bud Taplin

I have a drawing of the steel cradle that Westsail used, if you want a copy. I can send it as an email attachment if you send me an email.

Tom and Barb Koehl

I'm making arrangements to have my "new" W32 transported from it's backwoods retreat in MI down to a heated barn in IN where I can restore it. Since it's only on keel blocks and 4 tripod stands, and I want to minimize the use of a crane to a single lift onto a new cradle that a hydraulic transporter can lift, I'm having a marina (Torrence Marine, in Muskegon, MI) duplicate another customer's W32 cradle. I've heard good things about their work and the price was reasonable. The transporter (Nautic Marine Transporters, out of Waterford, MI) will pick it up and take it to the site of the boat. I have a crane scheduled, but I have some nagging questions.

(1) With a full-keel boat, am I correct in my assumption that the keel will still need to be on blocks (on top of the cradle's keel board) to allow slings to be passed beneath the keel? Or can the boat be elevated slightly with the screw-post stands temporarily to allow the slings to be passed? I'm not sure that the hull is strong enough to tolerate being raised by the screw-posts (a lot of pressure on just a few points of the hull vs. keel support).

(2) Are there key lift points on the W32 other than at bulkheads?

(3) If the crane company has only cables available, is it a poor choice to use that with carpet scraps at contact points? I know the W32 hull is pretty robust, but the last thing I want to do is risk damage.

(4) On a different topic, since I have to pretty much totally redo the interior, did Westsail offer multiple interior configurations?

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