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Thread: "W28 Questions"

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W28 Questions

Fred Lieder (Guest)

Hello Everyone,

I have narrowed down my boat selections and have some questions about the Westsail 28, which now tops the list.

1. Does all W28 have one piece hulls?

2. Where is the reefer\ice-box, cannot see it in the limited photos. How big is it and does it have enough room for refrigeration.

3. Is the quarter berth a functional spot for sleeping while underway. Can you get in and out quickly?

4. Is there a shower pan in the head area if i wanted to install a shower?

Any W28 owner want to add more about what he or she likes and dislike would be very helpful. I am currently living in England and if there is a W28 in this neck of the woods id love to see it.


Rod Lawson

Hi Fred, nice choice. I love the W28 and if I could have sourced one here in Australia it would have been my choice of boat. They tend to be around half the price of the 32 but certainly aren't half the boat. I saw one here in OZ but unfortunately they wanted way too much. Supply and demand I suppose. The reefer is (or was on this one) under the forward end of the setee and was quite big. Probably a bit inconvenient to get at but still satisfactory I think. Quarter berth looked very functional and I'd think a better sea berth than on the W32 as it is a more confined area. The one I looked at had a shower pan and the head was a good compact size. The best thing about the W28 is the functional use of space. I like a galley which runs length ways. If you want to see one or find out more take a look at Alex Dorseys site www.projectbluesphere.com also the one I saw in Australia which has some good photos is at http://kaweah.bigpondhosting.com
Hope this assists

Fred Lieder (Guest)

Rod, Thanks for the reply. It is tough to find info about these gems on the net. Your answers helped me out. Do you happen to know if the hull is one piece construction like the later W32's and if they used lead as ballast.

Thanks Again,

Rod Lawson

Fred, I can't answer your questions with any certainty. However I seem to remember reading somewhere that the ballast was cast lead, like the later model W32's. This may only apply to the later models as well. I'm sure Bud will help you out. Can't help you with the one piece hull question. Sorry. Perhaps Alex Dorsey may know. He is more than happy to receive instant messages on his Sat phone which you can send from his website. It is free. I actually telephoned him a few times asking about the W28 when I was considering one and he's very helpful. Good Luck in your search.

Bud Taplin

All of the W28's used cast lead ballast, except for maybe the first 3 or 4 boats, which had less ballast to start, and more was eventually added. I do believe the hull was laminated in one piece.

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