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Thread: "Waterline"

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Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger

Am in the process of topsides for W32 and have removed bootstripe and approximately 5 in. of bottom paint below that.

Could you please tell me how I will reestablish the correct bootstripe when ready?

Norm Rhines

I don't know if this helps, but here is what you could do.

1.My stripe (factory I think) starts about 1/2" above the bottom of the forward tang. The aft end is about 1/2" above where the hull meets the top of the gunnon.

2.) using one of those home depot lazer levels, you could mark the rest of the water line off those two points.

good luck:

Bud Taplin

This may also help. When level, the bow should be exactly 14" higher than the stern.

aj (Guest)

Once you have her leveled out, use a clear piece of tubing, filled with water, one end attached at the forward tang, and you can mark the level water line in increments on both sides of the hull with the other end of tubing.

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