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Thread: "W42 Forward Head Conversion"

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W42 Forward Head Conversion

Nick Cherney (Guest)

We have the factory standard layout with a forward head and a sail locker forward of that. we are going to convert that space intoa forward stateroom which will need two single berths for our kids. the question is whether you have any drawings, photos or ideas of such a layout? We have seen one boat which has "over under" berths, but are wondering if there are other designs out there. Ideally we would like to create a shower space and two berths, which seems easy if the berths run along each side with a shower between them, it would just make teh berths 75% enclosed, so other ideas would be helpful. Also can we just completely eliminate the bulkhead which seperates the head from the sail locker leaving only the forward bulkhead which seperates the sail locker from the chain locker? or are we going to have to put a beam there at least? Thanks,

Bud Taplin

Nick, you can eliminate any of the bulkheads forward of the main bulkhead seperating the main salon from the forward area. If you devote a 3 foot area just ahead of the main bulkhead to a toilet compartment on one side, with a shower in it, and a sink cabinet on the other side, with lockers under and outboard of it, then you will have the space from there forward to the chain locker bulkhead for berths. You could even move the chain locker bulkhead slightly forward if needed.

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