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Thread: "Unfinished Kit - 32"

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Unfinished Kit - 32

gulf coast sailor (Guest)

Bud - I have located a a 1977 unfinished 32. She has been stored outside, partially covered & looks abyssmal....dirty & neglected. Mast has never been stepped; the caprails need to be installed; boomkins & bowsprit will have to be replaced. All the parts including the instruction manual are there. She has lots of new parts...sails; sheets; lines; etc though...about $35K worth according to the owner.
What kind of "hidden" problems should I look for?

LA Sailor (Guest)

I am guessing from your name you are located along the florida ala miss coast. Is this the boat located in Atlanta? I too am in the refurbish mode with a neglected 1977 model. If you find a local source of solid douglas fir for your bowsprit rebuild please tell me. The only sources i have found so far are on the west coast. shipping the lumber costs as much as the wood.

Bud Taplin

If you decide to undertake a refurbish of this boat, I hope you are prepared to spend two or more years on the task. You need lots of experience and preserverance to undertake the remodel. The hidden problem would be water intrusion into the plywood to cause rot. The gelcoat may be degraded, so that the boat will need a paint job. Otherwise, you need to compare the cost and effort involved, against purchasing another boat in possibly better condition. Of course, I can supply you with some parts, and lots of information.


LA Sailor - I am actually on the Texas coast (Houston area) & the boat is west coast. I feel your pain - the deal on the boat is inviting mostly because I have LOTS of time, plenty of help but only a little money!

Bud - thanks for the input. I had concluded as much regarding comparsion of boats. I may have to sit this one out as the girl is in even worse shape than I had imagined. Plus, the cost of trucking her overland goes up almost daily!


Houston Area guy - There was a westsail 32 hull with alot of extras for sale on ebay a few weeks ago. If was located in Albuquerque or Santa Fe NM of all places. I doubt it sold so you might try and check it out. NM is closer to Houston than CA/OR/WA.

gulf coast sailor (Guest)

Thanks for the tip...I see the hull did not sell...at least the $1,000 bid did not meet reserve. Will check it out. And, BTW, it's houston area GAL ;-)


Houston Area GAL - my apologies. That was somewhat sexist of me to assume you to be male.

gulf coast sailor (Guest)

No harm; no foul. Sail on!

Michael Yuille (Guest)

I know this message is dated however; I am in the middle of building W32 #634 and, I was wondering Bud, if you knew about the boat that Houston Area GAL was referring to in her message. The reason I ask is that I am in need of specific parts for my project and, the boats made reference to may be a source for those that I need.

Bud Taplin

Michael, Not sure what boat they were talking about. Contact me by email and I may be able to find the part you need.

Germain Dallaire (Guest)

i have a new 1977 westsail never been in the water i want repower the old new engine volvo 2 cylinders what should i put in a vetus 2cylinders or a 3 cylinders or a yanmar 3gm30? what do you suggest?

Bud Taplin

Germain, I have a page in my Westsail Service Manual regarding engine choices for the W32. I will send it to you in another email

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