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Thread: "Staysail - Hank On Or Roller Furling???"

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Staysail - Hank On Or Roller Furling???


I am in the process of buying a new staysail and am wondering if I should go for roller furling. Having sailed on boats with RF staysails, I appreciate not having to go forward in blustery weather (in the dark) to set, strike or reef the staysail.

I know that there are some cons to this situation like the genoa sheets chafing on the staysail, but am anxious to hear all opinions on the topic.

S/V Dreamer
W32 #460

Steve & Vanessa

I have been pondering the same thing. However, the staysail is very managable, so I'll probably save the money and keep it hanked on. Besides, it leaves me with the option of flying my storm sail.

On the other hand, the convenience would be nice.

Jim Focha and Julie Gwin

We have a roller furling on both the staysail and jib. It wasn't our intention to have both. We had a Profurl #32 on the jib. After talking to Dave King I decided to go to a #42 and we are glad we did. Kern said the staysail would be fine as a storm sail, but we are going to have our storm sail altered for roller furling.


Thanks for the responses. Each of you mentioned a storm sail. Is this just a heavier, smaller staysail? If so, what is the weight of the dacron? My current staysail has a reef in it and were I to continue with a hanked-on sail, I would also put a reef in the new one.

Thanks, again.


Rich Morpurgo

we have our stays'l on an older style furler with a wire in it. If we need to use the storm jib, we simply lower the whole thing and raise the storm sail.

Only used it once so far. Worked great.


Bud Taplin

The storm staysail should be about 70 sq. ft., of 9 to 10 oz. dacron, and triple stitched. It served Satori very well during "The Perfect Storm". Better to fly this sail on the staysail stay, rather than out at the end of the bowsprit on the headstay. You should set up running backstays at the same time to properly support the mast where the staysail stay attaches.

Dave Kall

During a couple of days in the Atlantic "Zone of convergence" we flew a reefed storm sail and a storm main. The boat balanced very well and the boom really added to the control of the staysail. We were using the standard staysail that I had taken to a sail maker and had all the reefing gear put on and any extra stitching he felt we needed for chafe. We sailed @ 5+ knots for about 2 1/2 days this way steered by an Aires flipup windvane.

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