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W32 Stainless Steel Boomkin

Rod Lawson

Bud, I see in your service manual the stainless boomkin similar to that used on the W28. I would like to use one of these, but wonder if you could assist with the following: What are the advantages/disadvantages to the original timber boomkin? On the W28 there appears to be only 1 chainplate on either side. Is this sufficient, as the timber boomkin has 3 mounts either side on the deck which seem to offer much greater support. Are there any improvements you could suggest to strengthen the s/s boomkin design, ie: heavier gauge s/s, larger/more chainplates? Also can you see any problem with integrating a pushpit rail/wind generator pole onto the s/s boomkin?
I imagine there is considerable strain on the boomkin, but that strain should be countered by the stays on top and bottom to even the load. My concern would be that if one of the stays broke the boomkin would just rip out of the hull. Many thanks in advance.
Rod Lawson

Bud Taplin


I have sold probably 50 or so of these stainless boomkins, and the only failure I have heard of was with a broken boomkin stay wire, the boomkin pulled up, and one of the welds broke on the end fitting. The owner was able to have the end piece rewelded. There is no need for any heavier metal in the construction. The boomkin will droop down if the backstay is released, but should not break off. I would not suggest jumping up and down on it though with the backstay removed. If you are concerned, you could always go to two rigid tubes for the boomkin stays, instead of wire.

I have seen wind generators and radar posts mounted on the stainless boomkin, with a windvane, stern pulpit, and mainsheet hoop. I have even seen teak seats installed across the mid-rails of the pulpit, and outboard motor brackets installed on the pulpit. You should consider the option of the fixed upper rails on the stern pulpit if you plan to add all this stuff to the boomkin. Some of the load is then transfered to the boom gallows.

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