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Thread: "Cabin Sole Finish"

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Cabin Sole Finish

Mike McCoy

Bud, I can't find the thread now but you replied that the Westsail factory never varnished the interior woodwork. Rather, it was oiled.

Was the teak/holly cabin sole oiled as well?

Bud Taplin

While I was there, we only oiled the interior mahogany and teak. We used a clear, thin teak oil. It was the easiest method of getting a good looking finish, and the owner could always varnish over, or continue to use oil.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Bud - how was the interior/exterior teak cleaned before oiling/varnishing?

Bud Taplin

There was no problem cleaning the wood on a new boat, as it was all new wood. On old wood, use a good grade commercial cleaner and degreaser, then sand it with #150 or finer sandpaper. You may need to bleach out any dark stains, and possibly a light coating of mahogany stain wiped on to even out the color just before putting on the finish. I would recommend Armada or similar satin finish on the wood. Lasts a lot longer than oil, and does not pick up the dirt and smoke in the air.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Thanks Bud

Jann and Bud Owens

Does anyone know the source for gaskets for the port holes? We have a 32 and it is 32 years

Bud Taplin

I have the portlight gasket material in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" square rubber, with the hole down the center of the extrusion to allow a good seal. Contact me at btaplin@westsail.com.

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