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Thread: "Depth Sounder Can't Find The Bottom!"

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Depth Sounder Can't Find The Bottom!


Anybody know why it sometimes takes quite a while for the readout on our depth sounder to find tthe depth? We have an older unit, and we replaced the cockpit instrument with another of similar vintage, but the problem still occurs. The transducer is the bronze "boat-shaped" type that reads through the hull from an oil-filled hemisphere. I'd rather not buy a whole new unit, but sure would be nice to have it work consistantly!

William And Joan Miller

I figured it out: the wire from the transducer was bundled with some wire that must have had some interference. When I routed the wire lead differently, it eliminated the weird readings. I also got rid of the oil bath in favor of a large gob of silicone, and that seems better as well!

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