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Thread: "Teak Bungs"

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Teak Bungs

Tom Crank

I have been looking for an economical source for a large quantity of 3/8" teak bungs. I have finally decided to order from Thai Teak Marine as the the price difference offsets the high shipping cost. If anyone else is interested the cost is only $3.90 per 100 plus a proportional share of the shipping. If you are planning a deck rehab it requires about 1200 plugs. The next best price I have found is #8.15 per 100.

Rich Morpurgo

be careful that the plugs are Burmese teak and not plantation teak. they will be a different color.


John J. Henderson

3.90 is great price if the shipping is good, I pay over $8 for mine from jamestown distributors.

Tom Crank

They are Burmese Teak the shipping cost for 2,000 is $35.00. The incremental shipping cost if the quantity increases will be negligible. If anyone is interested figure $1.00 per 100 for inbound freight plus the actual cost of postage from me to you. I will be ordering on Monday 5/2.

Christoper Paolucci

I have a 6x12" piece of Burmese teak and plantation teak in my hands now. They look very similar. However the Burmese teak is more dense, appears redder and it has a waxy feel. I have a hunch that there may have been something applied to it, since I bought is on ebay for $10!! I got the plantation teak from a local lumber yard.

What it the primary difference in performance?

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