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Thread: "Storm Sails"

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Storm Sails

Andrew Mellisy

Hi Bud,

I am looking to add a trysail and storm staysail to my W32. Do you have any recommendations as to size? Also, how essential is the trysail? Would the storm staysail be enough to hove to?

"Mellow Seas"

Bud Taplin

Best to contact a sailmaker like Kern Ferguson regarding storm sails. The standard Westsail ones are about 70 sq. ft., of 9.25 oz. dacron. Both storm sails are useful, depending on the conditions.

Mike McCoy


Bud's 'construction manual' ($10 CD-ROM) has the dimensions, weight, etc. for both the storm jib, Spitfire jib, & trysail (among others) on it.

Well worth the $$$ for other info as well.

Rich Morpurgo

I don't think a westsail will heave-to with just a storm jib. there is way too much windage up front to need it. You might email Dave King and ask him.

The idea is to keep the bow up into the wind and let it sail up and luff off. To do this you would need drive aft. That is the only way I have been able to get our 32 to do it.


Andrew Mellisy

Thanks for the info!

Michael Dougan

Just checked the dimensions of mine (on the receipt my boats previous owner gave me). Says the storm staysail (I have a boomed staysail) is 80 sqr feet made of 10oz Dacron, and I have a storm trisail which is 127 sqr feet of 10oz Dacron.

I haven't had them out of their bags yet (will do shortly) so, don't have any other info about them.

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