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Thread: "Hull Drying"

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Hull Drying

Tom Crank


The boat I purchased last summer has aprox 100 nickle to quarter sized blisters on each side of the hull. They extend just past the gelcoat into the first layer of glass. The plan is to grind and fill the blisters and then barrier coat the bottom. The boat has been on the hard for over a year but for the ten months it was out of the water before we purchased her the bilge was full of rather foul water. The bilge is dry now but I am concerned about water that may have seeped through the bilge and accumulated between the keel and ballast. I have read articles which discussed drilling small holes at the base of the keel to allow water to drain. Do you have an opinion on this procedure and if you recommend it, where should the holes be drilled?


John J. Henderson

I would obtain and use a moisture meter before drilling any needless holes in the hull. The moisture meter will tell you any areas of moisture accumulation

Bud Taplin


The hull does have to dry out from the inside of the bilges, as well as from the exterior. Use a moisture meter. Additionally, you might want to drill a few holes in the bottom of the sump to see if any water is trapped between the top of the ballast and the underside of the fiberglass in the bilges. You can always fill the holes with epoxy putty afterward.

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