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Thread: "Questions On Next Haul Out."

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Questions On Next Haul Out.

Jay Bietz

Hi Bud:

I am having to haul Pygmamion later this month and have a few questions.

1. I am replacing the 3/4" cold water engine thruhull. If I install a Beta engine later, will the 3/4" be large enough or should I install a 1"?

2. We are also replacing the mast and booms. Is grounding the mast through the tabernacle mounting bolt to a grounding plate secured outside the hull still the lightening solution of choice?


Bud Taplin


A 3/4" seacock is ample for a Beta engine. I have a good 3/4" Groco seacock (with rubber cone) available if you want it.

The choice for a lightning ground described is probably as good as any. Remember, with a small piece of wire, it's somewhat hard to stop the elephant that is charging down the narrow path towards you.

Jay Bietz


Thanks for the offer of the orginal type seacocks. I plan to use the SS ball type valve.

I understand about the wire size etc -- by defination a lightning bolt is just a very large out of control arc that can go anywhere!!



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