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Thread: "W42 Bow Roller"

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W42 Bow Roller

nick cherney (Guest)

The W42 bowsprit has two rollers which are centered with one forward one aft, they appear in our drawings as factory original. my question is, what is to stop the anchor chain(s) from fouling the bobstay? It seems like a pretty obvious problem. is there an equally obvious solution?

Jeff Matthiae

I put a PVC tube on my bobstay. Since I forgot to do it when I made the new bobstay I cut down the length of the tube using a cutting wheel on a dremmel. Then worked it over the bobstay. I think I used 1/2", it will not slide over the StaLoc terminal.

The tube acts as a roller for the chain.

Hope that helps,

nick cherney (Guest)

that seems like it would be a great solution in most anchorages, but what happens in less than ideal conditions? is there anyway to stop the anchor chain from actually contacting the bobstay? any more ideas out there? Bud?

Paul Whistler

On the 32 there is an extra hole on the bobstay fitting on the hull. We have a 50' piece of double braid anchor rode spliced onto a thimble/shackle combo attached to this bobstay fitting. We then use this line to tie off the anchor using a bowline on a bight, or a chain hook if using all chain. This eliminates the bobstay problem and lowers the attachment point for better catenary. It does however allow the boat to tack back and forth in a breeze, when using only one anchor.

nick cherney (Guest)

now that sounds like a great solution. have you tried attaching two lines when using two anchors? you just leave the line permanently attached to the bobstay fitting?
thanks for the tips

Paul Whistler

Yes we do leave the line attached to the fitting and pull it tight thru the bow roller next to the anchor when under way. We have not tried two lines, as I am in the habit of using 2 anchors fore and aft, not from the bow.

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