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Thread: "Boom Gallows"

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Boom Gallows

Doug Campbell

The wooden piece across the top of the boom gallows -- or more precisely, the u-shaped stainless pieces that attach the wood to the gallows, have come off on Robin. It looks as though the three welds have broken. So the wooden piece is no longer attached to the boat. What is the proper way to replace it? I see that there are holes in the ss tubing of the gallows. Should I run a long bolt through this and through the wood? That doesn't sound as though it would be able to stand the natural forces the boom must place on the gallows. Is there anything short of buying a new system that will work? Is there a better means of attaching the wood than the one that brok for me?
Doug Campbell

Norm Rhines

I have a couple of old Bronze gallow pc's
If you are interested.
In the next months I will be back by my storage (I would let them go cheap)

John J. Henderson

I would just remove the upright supports for the gallows and have it rewelded, a good weld job should hold it for the life of the boat. You also may be able to find a welder that will come to the boat to do the welding.

Bud Taplin

Best bet would to have the brackets welded back onto the tubing. The hole in the tubing was for the stern light wires. The light was usually mounted on the wooden piece.


Hi Bud,
Our boom gallows was damaged in shipping. The teak was bent about 20 degrees aft and two of the legs were slightly bent. (Due to not being removed for shipping - unbeknownst to us.) With safetly our main concern, should the gallows be replaced or fixed? We will be dealing with their insurance company.
Best regards.

Bud Taplin

Please contact me at btaplin@westsail.com and I can give you a quote on a replacement boom gallows. Might also be able to get your straightened and repaired.

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