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Thread: "W42 Prop Size And Rotation"

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W42 Prop Size And Rotation

Tom Sault (Guest)

I have W42 with Perkins 4-108.

The original transmission was a Velvet Drive 2.57:1 rotatio.

The yard installed a what they though was a duplicate transmission but in fact has a 1:91 ratio and reverse rotation.

Now that they have discovered the problem they want me to consider repropping with a smaller prop with a with a direction of thrust matched to the 1:91 to 1 tranny.

Is this an acceptable solution?

Mike McCoy

I'm sure after such an expensive mistake on their part they would clearly want you to 'consider' repropping. Makes it much easier for them.

I could be wrong but I'd think it would cost you speed & torque to you. And wouldn't you lose GPH inasmuch as you would need to run at a higher engine RPM to obtain the same speed?

Persoanlly, I'd vote for making them fix it right. Just be careful they don't try to make you help pay for their mistake by padding the final bill (more than it would have been had they done it right to begin with).

Peter Sherman

Over the years I've been on both sides of the table,as a contractor, or at times employed by yards, and at times a boatowner/customer. In my oppinion it is a most unsatisfactory solution, evan the suggestion is unaceptable. I would be a gentleman about it, but make it clear that a mistake by the yard or a supplier to the yard should by no means become the burden of the customer.

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