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Thread: "Westsail 39 Vs. Fairweather Mariner"

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Westsail 39 Vs. Fairweather Mariner

Rick Canter (Guest)

I know the Fairweather Mariner is a Westsail 39 made in Taiwan but that is about all I know. Does anyone on this board have any addition info on the Fairweather Mariner?

Dave King

I know that in 1990 a Fairweather marine 39, designed by Robert Perry, beat a Westsail 32, under racing conditions, to Hawaii by 6 hours and 1 minute. For a 2100 mile race over 14 days, this equates to .1 knots.

Bud Taplin

Ed Parker purchased the Westsail 39 molds at the auction in 1980, and after building a few of the boats here, he shipped the molds to Taiwan, and a yard there built a few more for him. The yard then contracted with another company to build boats for them from the molds, and that company named their boat Fairweather Mariner 39. I don't know how many they imported, but the one I saw at a Long Beach boat show was very well constructed. I still have some of the Fairweather Mariner brochures.

If you are interested, I know of a partially finished Westsail 39 that is coming up for sale. The owner has passed away, and his widow now wants to sell the boat.

Rick Canter (Guest)

Sure I would be interested in the Westsail 39. Please send along any info on it.

I have a question about these boats maybe you can help with. They have a dsp/length ratio of only 212 isn't that a little light for a blue water boat?

Bud Taplin

Send me an email at btaplin@westsail.com with your web address, and I will respond with the widow's name and phone number.

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