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Thread: "Hull Liner Delamination?"

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Hull Liner Delamination?

William And Joan Miller

While we were headed down the coast from Seattle a couple of years ago with our W32 Chaika we became used to a variety of rigging and hull noises when the boat was working in a seaway. However, after some particularly rough conditions and a very rolly anchorage in the Sea of Cortez Chaika developed an amazing groaning from the cabin sole at the nav station, like the hull liner delaminated from the hull (though the hull liner doesn't touch the hull there). Chaika is hull #503, factory finished. Coincidently, the companionway steps and drop boards are jamming (I've planed them down a bit since). Here in the Puget Sound it is no problem, but the next time we are out in the ocean swells the off-watch will get an earful. Have you ever heard of this sort of thing and do you have any ideas to fix it? We don't think it is anything structural,
Will and Joan Miller

Bud Taplin

I have not heard of that particular problem before. The cabin sole liner should be bonded to the hull, but it may have come loose. You would need to check all around the bonding locations of the cabin sole liner. Otherwise, you may need to drill some holes with a 2" or so holesaw, and bond the liner to the hull, such as recommended for the engine pan liner.

The other possibility is that the plywood reinforcing of the cabin sole liner has become saturated with water, and possibily delaminating from the fiberglass.

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