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Thread: "Liner In W42 Engine Room"

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Liner In W42 Engine Room

nick cherney (Guest)

the liner in the engine room on our W42 has a well below the engine which is obviously for catching oil and diesel and other nasties. forward of this is another well which looks like it was designed for the batteries (we don't have the batteries there as it is fairly low and prone to flooding if any of our thru hulls leak). Right now that well has no drain so it needs its own bilge pump (which is currently rigged to pump to the deep bilge, which seems fairly stupid to me as it means there is only one bilge which pumps overboard). I am wondering why I can't just drill a few holes in the liner so that the well will drain to the deep bilge on its own, then put both pumps into the deep bilge and get a little redundancy in the system. It seems like I would also then be able to put batteries in that well as they would be unlikely to flood unless the entire deep bilge was full. does anyone have any comments. bud, do you know what the design principle was?

Bud Taplin

That other well was usually used to contain the waterlift muffler when a Perkins 4-236 engine was installed. There usually was a 3/8" to 1/2" hole drilled in the low spot of the well to drain any water into the bilge sump. Keep a cork in the hole in case any oily or contaminated water gets in the well, and pull the cork if you want to drain any clear water.

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