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Thread: "Structural Beams Cut."

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Structural Beams Cut.

Rod Lawson

Hi Bud, I recently asked about bulkheads in a W32 and have just seen a W32 which a friend of mine is interested in, where the laminated beam between the v-berth and the toilet has been partly cut away. ie: approx 60cm directly above the walkway has been taken out leaving two ends on either side. Why this has been done I have no idea but I wonder if it will affect the structural integrity of the yacht. The beam below the mast is complete but is showing signs of compression as the two outer parts of the laminate are pushed lower than the centre piece. Also there are gaps in the timber trusses which attach to the walls. I would appreciate your advice on how to remedy this and after speaking with a shipwright it was suggested an entire new beam should be installed.

Jeff Holemo

I bet the guy that cut that beam out of there suffered from one too many knots on his head.

Rich Morpurgo

Not to answer for Bud, as I defer to his judgment on these things.

I don't think that the beam in the forward side of the head is very structural. Of course the one at the main bulkhead is very important.


Bud Taplin

You are correct Rich, the deckbeam between the head and forward cabin does not really do much for the integrity of the cabintop or mast support. You should bolt the main cabin deckbeam to the bulkhead though, to prevent the deckbeam from crushing into the teak support post.

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