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Thread: "Maine Rendezvous"

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Maine Rendezvous

Don and Margaret Lacoste


I'm a new member and recently purchased a W-32. I live on Penobscot Bay in Maine near Belfast and Camden. Absolutely beautiful cruising grounds!

I am wondering if there would be interest with the members in having a rendezvous in Belfast either Labor Day weekend or the weekend after (9/10/05). I have checked with the harbormaster and there would be ample room for a gathering of Westsails.

Belfast is a wonderful cruising destination with several restaurants, grocery stores, galleries, laundry all within a short walk from their harbor.

If we can get 6 or more vessels interested, I would be happy to organize the event.

Don Lacoste
Kemancha (hull #809)
Northport, Maine

Michael Dougan

Hi Don and Margaret,

Don't know if I'd be willing to take my boat so far afield during the height of hurricane season, but I'd certainly make it up by car for a day or two. So, you could at least count on 1 more towards attendence.

You might also want to keep your eye out for the rendezvous that someone's been trying to organize for mid August down in Mystic CT. If the two are too close on the calendar, you might each ciphon off some of the other's attendees.

Don and Margaret Lacoste

Good point Mike. I will not interfere with any other regional event if plans are made elsewhere in New England.

Michael Dougan

I don't think anything is firm yet, so, first one in wins But check under the Other category and contact the member directly if you wish (or post a message there)

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