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Thread: "Teak Belaying Pins"

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Teak Belaying Pins

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Anyone interested in obtaining some of these?
Thai teak makes them and sells them for a very reasonable $11.84
The problem is the shipping takes a while and is a little spendy.
If we order in buld we can split the shipping costs amongst us..... anyone interested?

my picture

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Sorry - that should be "order in bulk"
These pins are made to a westsail specification

Peter Scheller

Gary, how do you have them shipped? By air or surface? Peter SV Pegasus

Frank and Melanie Scalfano

I would be interested in one or two.

Gary and Charlotte Burton

I plan to have them shipped by air Peter.
I will order next week so let me know by e-mail.

The plan is to have them shipped to me then I will forward on to individuals who want some by USPS.
The shipping from Thailand will be split by weight amongst us and forwarding by USPS will be added to each individuals order.
That should cover it I think?

Peter Scheller

Gary, I need a total of eight myself. Since I live in Honolulu it might be cheaper to have them air shipped to Honolulu and I can re ship USPS Priotity Mail to Lower 48. Let me know what you think. Peter

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Peter - its worth a try. The way it works is you e-mail the company to get a shipping quote. You can use my zipcode 0f 97415 as a comparison....I'm sure he will quote you for shipping to both places. If its cheaper to ship to you and you dont mind forwarding that would be much appreciated

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