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Thread: "Finishing Spruce Boomkins"

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Finishing Spruce Boomkins

Ralph and Sandra Weiland

(1) Have just stripped the boomkins (were painted) and found one of the bronze (assume) carriage bolts with maybe 1/16 of corrosion on the head. This chipped off OK but thinking maybe I should replace this one. Do you have a source?

(2) I am thinking that the boomkins might be well served with a couple coats of penetrating epoxy before finishing with Epifanes or other varnish. The wood is in excellent condition with only a couple of very localized hairline along-the-grain splits on the surface. Good idea???

(2) I am having trouble getting even the thinnest posible coat of Epifanes over well-sanded epoxy to dry in anything like the on-the-can time. The first coat on the tiller I removed with acetone and started over (72 hours and still tacky), but still finding drying time excessive. Have you see this before and if so, how does one overcome it?



Bud Taplin

I do not have a local source on bronze bolts, but you should try Jamestown Distributors in RI.

I always recommend a few coats of saturating epoxy resin on wood.

I do not know what the problem is with the epoxy, but I do know that some brands of finishing resin have a wax in them that ends up on the surface, and subsequent coats do not dry properly. The wax needs to be removed, and sanding does not usually do it. Check with the manufacturers of the products you are using.

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