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Thread: "Shrouds, Standing Rigging Questions"

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Shrouds, Standing Rigging Questions

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hi Bud,
On the phone you were kind enough to give me some tips on how to install shrouds in a fashion that only required going aloft one time, per wire, I assume. Would you please restate your advice? I forgot it and it sounded like such a good plan.
Also, as for order of replacement, I essentially have the two boomkin stays and shrouds and main stays to replace. I was planning on doing boomkin stays first. Any tips on securing the mast while working there or otherwise?
Thanks in advance.

Rich Morpurgo

just use a halyard to stabilize the mast. Remember that if you loosen the opposing stay (or stays) to the one you are working on, there is not much load on the one you are working on. All you need to do it keep it standing. There is not much load on them until you are sailing hard.

Not trying to speak for bud, but just a couple of cents.


Ken and Debra Bridger

Remember to use the running backstays while replacing standing rigging. They add a lot of support. Ken

Bud Taplin

If you start by removing the four lower stays, the upper stays will keep the mast in place. After the four lower ones are removed, then do the same with the uppers.

Best to haul the stays up the mast with a spare halyard, remove one, replace it, with someone on deck to attach the new one, then go on and do the other three at each location the same way.

As long as you are at a slip, in calm conditions, there should be no problem changing the stays this way.

If you are using mechanical fasteners (Staloc or Norseman) on the lower ends, then you should use halyards to help support the mast prior to removing either four, and carefully come back down the mast to cut and install the four lower ends.

Robert McQueen and Olivia Thompson

Approximately how many feet of stainless rigging is on the '43 Ketch? Mine has running backstays, I think.
And would you happen to know the pretension weight?

Bud Taplin

The 42 and 43 usually used 5/16" or 3/8" for the headstay, 5/16" for the rest of the main shrouds, and 9/32" for the mizzen. Running backstays used 1/4" vinyl coated wire. Is the main a 50' single spreader, or a 55' double spreader mast? The mizzen should be about 32'.

The 55' main has intermediate shrouds also.

I can possibly look up the information on the drawings I have, but need to know the rig.

Robert McQueen and Olivia Thompson

The main is the 50' single spreader

Bud Taplin

What about the mizzen?

Robert McQueen and Olivia Thompson

No spreader on the mizzen

Bud Taplin

The following lengths are approximate, but probably slightly longer than actual.

3/8" x 54' headstay
5/16" x 56' backstay
5/16" x 36' staysail stay
(2) 5/16" x 50' uppers
(4) 5/16" x 26' lowers

(4) 9/32" x 24' stays

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