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Thread: "Shortened Boom And"

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Shortened Boom And

Lori Covington (Guest)

Hi Bud,

I've seen a W32 with the boom gallows moved forward of the main hatch. Opinions?

Also, what is your knowledge about shortened booms on the W32?

(While I'm at it).....can we flush the aft lazarette hatch to the deck?

I'm trying to plan appropriate changes (one day) that will open up the cockpit area, make it flush and create some canvass work that will enclose it real well.

Dave Kall

The later models of the 32 had a flush lazarette hatch.

Bud Taplin


The closest thing you can come to a flush lazarette hatch is to use a low profile aluminum hatch, installed directly on the fiberglass boss around the lazarette opening.

I have seen boom gallows installed on the cabinsides ahead of the companionway hatch. Probably a better solution would be to use a rigid boom vang, such as the one made by Garhauer marine.

There is no need to shorten the boom, however most new mainsails are made with a shorter foot. Contact Kern the sailmaker for his advice.

Mike McCoy

Mike Dougans boat (Sannyasin) has a teak grate 'inside' the boomkin like that.

He has a link to pics of his boat in the members area.

Michael Dougan

Here is a closer view of the teak grating... I really like it, but mine only goes as far forward as the lazerette hatch. I'd guess that you'd want to extend it all the way forward, but then, you might need to make some sort of cutout for the flush hatch cover.


(note, I took these pics as the "before" shots showing my brightwork at it's worst before I get around to refinishing everything)

Rod Lawson

Lori, in regard to making your aft end flush, I saw a really nice modification on a boomkin once. It was a teak grate which fited inside the boomkin which had the effect of making the deck around that area flush with the lazarette, albeit higher than the rest of the deck.

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