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Thread: "W32 For Sale - Massachusetts"

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W32 For Sale - Massachusetts

Mike and Ivana Meyran

Hull #531 for sale. The infamous "Bob Straub" boat is reluctantly up for sale. Assembled + launched in spring of 2008, rig, engine, gear, boat all brand new at that time. New dodger/chartplotter + more. Storage set for the winter in my yard, but can be easily moved. $43,000. Mike Meyran, Marblehead, Mass

Michael Dougan

Wow, so, she finally touched water after 30 something years. Sorry to hear she's moving on, but she is a real fantastic boat for anyone in the market (so I hear). A New Old Stock Westsail hardly ever comes on the market.

Eric and Leslie Olander

Darn! This one will go quickly. If it were six months from now I would be in a position to buy. Very sad for me. Eric

Michael Dougan

Eric, 'it ain't over 'til it's over'. If really interested, contact the owner. It may go quickly. It should go quickly. But this boat seems to wait for the right purchaser.

The reason the 'Bob Straub' boat is infamous, is that it was an incredible find, and various parties were highly interested, but it seemed to take forever for the right party to come along to actually complete the purchase.

As a person who also has his boat on the market, I wouldn't count out someone who might be ready in six months from now (of course, preference given to those with cash in hand).

Mike and Ivana Meyran

Boat is sold. Thanks for the interest.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Congratulations on the sale. I know you hated to let her go.

Mike and Ivana Meyran

I sure did. Tim and Mary are great new owners, and will keep her up.

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