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Thread: "Engine Compartment Ventalation"

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Engine Compartment Ventalation

Bob and Debbie Anderson

Bud, Can you give some advice on how to properly ventalate the engine compartment?

Bud Taplin

The easiest way is to install a low profile 3" vinyl vent on the aft deck in the small triangle there. Attach a blower inside to blow out. If there are cutouts on the upper corners of the lazarette bulkhead, then the blower will draw the air out of the engine compartment. If not, attach a hose to the blower and go through the bulkhead into the engine compartment.

With the vent on the aft deck, there is no likelehood of water getting into the engine compartment, and the low profile vinyl vent will not interfere with the tiller.

Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

Talking about Engine Room... I've noticed when cleaning the bilge under the engine in my W28 that the water took a looong time to drain to the main bilge where the pumps are.

Is this by design or is the passage clogged? I presume the latter. but then where exactly the passage is located? - hard to see because of the engine location...

Bud Taplin

I am not sure if there is a hole in the front end of the area under the engine to permit water to drain into the main bilge area. That you would have to check that out on your boat.

Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

Thanks Bud! There definitely is a passage but only dripping at the moment, most likely clogged with dirt, hard to see and get there because of the engine's fly wheel...
Anyway.. sorry for stealing the thread. I'll shut up now.

Bob and Debbie Anderson

Thanks Bud. I know exactely what you mean.

George and Rayna Shaunfield

Wojciech raises a question. Should water (or whatever fluid) in the engine pan drain into the bilge?

Bud Taplin

You need to prevent any oil, diesel, or coolant in the pan under the engine from getting into the bilge sump. There can be a hole in the engine pan, but you should keep a plug in it. This will let you drain out any clear water.

There should be a water passage below the engine pan to permit any water coming in from the shaft stuffing box to pass directly into the bilge sump, and not go into the engine pan.

Bud Taplin

I see your point. On the other Westsail boats any drip from the packing gland goes under the pan to the bilge sump. Maybe you want to put a dam in the pan, with a hole just outside of the dam to let the water run under the pan. You can make the dam with a piece of wood or fiberglass, stuck in place with some caulking.

Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

It does make sense what you are saying, Bud, however in my case the packing nut is over the engine pan and the water drips there.
It's not an issue for me though as it dries out before causing any problems.

Wojciech and Jolanta Lukaszewicz

Good idea Bud! I'll keep that in mind until I decide on the potential re-powering as this may change the drip location.

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