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Thread: "Cockpit & Scupper Drains"

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Cockpit & Scupper Drains

Ralph and Sandra Weiland


A couple of questions: (1) What was the rational for having the cockpit drain through-hulls positioned below the waterline and are there issues with raising them to, say, a couple of inches below the cockpit floor? (2) The scupper drains are connected to the cockpit drain lines with not very large bore hose. The scuppers drain well if forced first with a water hose, but normally draining will not start otherwise. The lines have no high spot but seem to get air locked. I'm thinking about giving them their own through-hull placed a couple of inches below the bottom of the scuppers, well above the water line. Have you run into this issue before, and what was the solution?



Bud Taplin

The cockpit drain seacocks were located where the hose took a smooth curve, and that was below the waterline because the cockpit floor was close to the waterline. The original cockpit floor slanted down forward. It should have slanted down aft, with the drains having a 90 degree elbow and the outlets above the water, and aft. I know of one owner that recut his cockpit floor to do this.

When Westsail made the depressions in the deck for the scupper drains, and had the 2" spun brass fitting, with it's flange, a small amount of water always sat in the depression. They then put a small thruhull and hose in the bottom of the depression to drain out most of this small amount of water, and connected it to a tee on the cockpit drain. This was probably not too good an idea (I was no longer working for Westsail when this was done, so don't blame me). I believe that eventually they put in another thruhull just above the waterline to drain this small hose. Unfortunately, these small hoses often clog.

My solution to the whole problem would be to install a fiberglass scupper drain, low enough in the depression to drain it all, and going out through the hullside.

I have also seen another solution; filling the low spot in the depression with fiberglas putty up to the level of the existing scupper drain.

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