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Thread: "Cross-linked Polyethylene For Fuel Tanks"

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Cross-linked Polyethylene For Fuel Tanks

Flip & Pamela Mulliner

Thinking about replacing my fuel tanks with crosslinked polyethylene

any thoughts, suggestions, feeback, experience?


Ralph and Sandra Weiland

I wouldn't go in that direction. Plastics are flammable and if even a small fire weakens a small part of the tank, the fire suddenly involves 10s of gallons of diesel --- end of boat!!! Besides, I think you'll find insurers may not want to insure a boat with such tanks.

Bud Taplin

The company that makes the polyethylene water tanks for me will not make any permanently mounted tanks for diesel or gas due to the liability problem if they melt in a fire. I know that many small powerboats do have plastic gas tanks, but I would be reluctant to use them.

If you have polyethylene tanks specially made up to fit an area, the cost will be more than having aluminum tanks made. The material is more expensive, and the labor of heat welding the seams is the same.

My recommendation is to have aluminum tanks made, then coat the exterior before installing them to prevent any water from reaching the exterior. Automobile undercoating will do a good job.

But why did you put this subject under the "sail plan" section?

Flip & Pamela Mulliner

Thanks...you have suffiently scared me away from the ploy tanks. Thank you for your feedback.

It was late when I posted..wrong section


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