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Thread: "Teak! Lots Of Teak! But Act NOW!!!!"

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Teak! Lots Of Teak! But Act NOW!!!!

Christoper Paolucci

Hi Everyone,

This is really short notice but there is a lot of teak for auction in Arrington, Virginia. This could be a group buy if someone can act quick. I need cap rail but I don't have this kind of money. Expect to pay 10 to 20 a board foot. And lot #2191 is for 597 board foot of 8/4 teak about 8 to 10" wide.


The teak auction is happening on 10-29-09. But be warned - they want you to wire the cash in no more than 48 hours of winning the auction - no exceptions. I have dealt with them and they are strict about it.

There's also gobs and gobs of other exotic wood available. Just huge amounts up for auction now.


Christoper Paolucci

This auction is over at 1:50 pm tomorrow (10-29-09). And there isn't going to be another one. The last lot of 8/4 teak was 178 bdft and sold for $9/bdft. This lot (lot 2191) is for 597 bdft of 8/4 teak and it will might go for less than $9/bdft because it's a much bigger lot. But if you figure it at $9, then the lot will sell for around $5400. There isn't going to be another chance at this kind of purchase. I'm in the cabinet business and I watch the wood auctions. This is as good as it gets!

Gary and Charlotte Burton

The problem is its on the east coast. Trying to arrange and get it shipped to the west coast is not so easy as they will only load onto a flatbed.

Aaron Norlund


What would someone do with this much wood? Is there any outlet for reselling it? Is this something worthy of investing in for reselling or merely for use on one's boat?


Ralph and Sandra Weiland

This isn't a huge amount of lumber: I think the 178 bd ft of teak would amount to about 133 lineal feet of 2 x 8 lumber, or 108 ft of 2 x 10s, enough to do 2 sets of caprails on 3 WS-32's and maybe have a bit left over.

Christoper Paolucci

I think that there is a small market for teak but it's not going away. Teak goes for $35-40/bdft. This will go for $10 or under. I would get the whole lot if I had the ready cash.
Well, I'll just have to pass on this.

Christoper Paolucci

It went for $4810 for 597 bdft or $8.06/dbft. I was soo tempted to jump on it. Maybe, next time.

Michael Dougan

It was a hot tip though, thanks Christoper (do we have your name spelled right or is it Christopher?). Please tip again in the future if it's something you need people to group buy on (or you don't plan on bidding on it).

Christoper Paolucci

I sure will. and I didn't notice it but my name is spelled wrong! It's Christopher but I would rather it said Chris anyway. Or even better ChrisPandPam.

Michael Dougan

I fixed the spelling of your name. In our membership database, your membership name does appear as ChrisPandPam, but, the message board displays user ids with the first letter capitalized, no matter how it was originally entered. The password is case-sensitive though!

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