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Thread: "Darn I Broke It."

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Darn I Broke It.

David Beardsley

Aloha Bud,
As always I hope this note finds you in good health. I just got into Gizo in the Solomon Islands this is not a good place to have a broken diesel. While adjusting the anti stall screw on the Perkins 4108M I stripped the threads where it go'es into the fuel injector mounting. I have limited computer time here and hope you do not mind me asking you if (1) You can find an e-mail address and or a phone number of some one who sell and ship me the used parts to fix this or (2)The e-mail or phone number of some who could sell and ship me the right size Hiely-coil with what ever tool I would need to instal it and try to fix it myself. Any help, I know is above and beyond what I would normaly ask, so if you can help I'll owe you big time. Thanks David Beardsley S/V Asylum.

Bud Taplin

David, About the only one I would know about is Trans Atlantic Diesel in VA. They are a Perkins distributor. www.tadiesels.com eamil: tadinc@earthlink.net

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

David, Diesel Parts Sales in Houston, Texas, is a Perkins distributor with three generations of experience in the same family. You might try calling them at phone no. 1-713-926-4439.

David Beardsley

Thanks Bud
I just sent them an e-mail. I hope I get the chance to do you one some day.
Best Regards. David B.

David Beardsley

Thanks Randy.
David B.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

It's about 0330 UTC Tuesday. I'll be seeing these guys at Diesel Parts Sales in about 12-15 hours or so and will favor them with a copy of your emails, David. I know you won't mind.
Where is there a good place for your diesel to break? Solomon Islands, I guess I could think of worse places to be stuck.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hey David,
I just did the math. I suppose it's about 2:00 PM your Solomon Islands local time, Monday. If you would like to try to schedule an appointment to exchange emails with someone at Diesel Parts Sales, I could attempt to be your liason. We might learn something. However, I suppose it would be very late for you and you have internet issues.
Let me know if you get this message and are interested. I was going to go and visit them in the next day or so, anyway.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

I just met with Randall Caesar at Diesel Parts Sales and showed him your email. All I report here is my understanding of his thoughts. You can email him your questions directly to:
First, he said, some people use that screw as a bleeding screw, which one should never do.
You appear to have a hydraulically controlled pump (mine is mechanical). He showed me the idle cut off screw and adjustment nut on a newly rebuilt hydr. controlled pump he had in hand.
You have to pull the pump off the boat for ANY repair, a big job with a lot of tubes and hoses in the way that must be moved, close to stripping down to the bare block on that side of the engine.
If the screw, alone, is broken, and not the mounting nut/base to which the screw screws into for adjustment, then it should be possible to drill and tap for repair (off the boat, only). The screw will be broken off within the adjustment nut (best case).
If the adjustment nut is what broke or is compromised (with or without the screw), you're screwed and need a new pump.
Randall can get you the screw. He also had the rebuilt pump with a screw included for the meager price of $975.00 with exchange core in hand. He will not release the pump without the old core in hand first.
Final caution, you may be in for a difficult situation matching the pump and/or core. You may see a pump that looks identical and fits perfectly but has different metering internally meaning wrong match for proper engine performance. You may need a pump with the exact same model # as the one on the boat.
I told him if he heard from the Solomon Islands it would probably be after 4:00 pm local DST.
Good luck! I know you can do it.
Let us know.

David Beardsley

I realy want to thank you for helping me with this. I know I will have to tear the engine down to get the part off. The mounting base that the adjuster screws into is stripped. This is a domed shape piece that bolts on to the top of the enjectop pump. My pump is newly rebuilt and this is a part that if I have to I could take it off and a good machine shop could just put a heily-coil in it. and it would be ready for reasymbly. It is just mild steel. The real problem is there are no machine shops here. It is a shame to think of all the 4108m's that are rusting on the side of boat yards and diesel repair shops with the piece I need and no way to get . Bottem line is that I will fly the piece to some place and get it repaired. It will be cheaper and take less time then swapping my new pump and a grand for their pump. So you want to come and boat sit for me for 3 or 4 days while I'm off getting it fixed? Thanks again Randy. David B.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Good morning, David,
Thanks for the note. You are quite welcome. You know, I don't really know anything about heily-coil operations. Guess it's time to learn, and, no, I did not ask Randall about it as an option. So, you're ahead of me.
I'd love to see the Solomon Islands and the wahines there, but can't help with the boat sitting right now. Randy

Rich Morpurgo

can you not just take that off and tap it for a bigger screw/bolt?

without seeing it, I might be well off base.

good luck,


Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

If the screw is rusted enough to break, and if the adjusting nut is rusted enough to break, then what else is or may be rusted?
I seem to remember a figure of 3,400 lbs. per sq./in. of pressure, enough to cut a man's flesh.
And remember, even Mr. Diesel himself could not solve the fuel injection problem and had to hire a guy named Bosch.

David Beardsley

Hi Rich,
The bolt is the anti-stall device and has a spring loaded piston in it as well as a bleed screw on top, so it is not just a mater of a larger bolt. wish it was. There is no rust all my parts are newly installed. Thanks David B.

Doug Hendricks

Hi Dave,

This is Doug Hendricks... the guy who sailed with you from SF to Hilo two summers ago. I was curious to know where in the world you were, so I Googled your name and found this page. I'm sorry to hear you're having engine troubles.

I'd like to reconnect with you. Can you please send me your e-mail address or other contact info? My email address is DougHndrx@gmail.com.

I wish you luck with the engine troubles and I hope that the rest of your journeys are pleasant.


Michael Dougan

David, I know this may not be a comfort to you, but another Westsail family member had their engine die on them at the start of their cruising season in the Caribbean and they just kept going without the 'auxilary' as they used to call it. You just have to be much more picky about when you leave and how you arrive at your destinations. I believe that they would anchor a bit further out, then use the dinghy to maneuver in tight quarters.

People have sailed for thousands of years without motors!

Might get you to a place with better machining facilities.

David Beardsley

Aloha Michael,
Thanks for the note. I did repair the diesel at a shop on the Island of Liapari. Took the piece that was stripped off, had it drilled out and a plug welded in then redrilled and tapped.Working good now. I'm loving sailing around the Western Province of the Solomon's but know my limits and would not try sailing the reefs here with out a motor for back up. The winds are any thing but reliable. Happy Sailing,
David on S/V Asylum

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