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Thread: "Lubrication In Tiller Box?"

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Lubrication In Tiller Box?

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

I have a new tiller from you. The old one is of questionable integrity despite my best efforts to salvage it.
The old tiller was laminated layers of teak which I understand now is too brittle a wood. However, when I rebuilt the rudder cheeks, I did put grease on the inside of the box. The old teak tiller had stainless steel plates on each side to, apparently, buffer the space. I understand you recommend formica. I suppose SS is better if it fits.
Question: should I get the grease off interior of the tiller housing/ box before installing the new tiller?
Thanks in advance.

Bud Taplin

Randy, I do not think having grease in there makes any difference. I recommend formica for shims because it is thin, and easily cut and glued in place. The shim should not be a small round disk, but a rectangular piece glued to the sides of the tiller that extends to the ends of the stainless steel box on the rudder. That way you get a good bearing surface to take the tiller to rudder loads.
Put in enough shim thickness to eliminate any sideplay between the tiller and rudder box. Tighten up the locknut on the tiller asttachment bolt just enough so that the tiller will stay at any place you move it, without falling back down to the lowest position.
The wood cheeks on the outside of the rudder are only cosmetic to cover the steel box.

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