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Thread: "Westsail Rendezvous 2009 - Report To The Fleet."

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Westsail Rendezvous 2009 - Report To The Fleet.


The Northern California Westsail Rendezvous October 2-4 at San Leandro Yacht Club and Harbor was a great success thanks to the work of organizers Greg and Christy Johnson and Randy Leasure.

We also appreciated the financial support of the WOA.

San Leandro Yacht Clubs' - Rear Commodore Julie Brooker hosted the event and her husband Shane Brooker overcame the high winds to barbecue the dinner. Also assisting were Michelle and Bob Haynes and Fran Moon? they all worked very hard and provided a great meal Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The San Leandro Harbor staff and facilities were also very accommodating. We are looking forward to the deeper channel and harbor after the winters dredging is complete.

The Saturday night program included, a pre dinner movie and slide show of the work and repairs on several boats including WS 32 Pygmalion and WS 32 High Cotton. After dinner, Julie and Jim Focha shared with us photos and stories of their 2 year cruise in Mexico aboard their WS 32 San Francisco.

Persons of fame who attended:
Bud Taplin? Godfather to the fleet
LaDonna Budak? Editor of Latitude 38

Vessels and owners/crew in attendance were:
WS 32 Tortuga? Randy Leasure and Daniella, Randy was joined by several family members for Saturday dinner.
WS 32 Shoestring? Dennis Flick and Carmincita Valerio
WS 32 Pygmalion? Jay Bietz, Alen Jackson and Javier Kim
WS 32 Freestyle? Rick Morris and Dan Jenter? Rick stopped by on his 3 year cruise starting in Homer Alaska July 3, 2009 and is headed next to San Diego and points south and then west into the Pacific.
WS 32 Dharma Bum - Benjamin Boblett and crew.
WS 42 vessel name not known? Terry, Lauria, Edan and Casey Winkler

Owners in attendance w/o boats were:
Julie and Jim Focha? WS 32 San Francisco? just back from Mexico
Greg and Christy Johnson? WS 32 Finally? under major refit
Jim Brown? WS 32 Mandela? minor refit
Alan Jackson? WS 32 #36 High Cotton? under major refit
Bob Knoblich? WS 32 Soltero? Newport Beach, CA
Hugo and Cynthia Landecker? WS 32 Alexander? San Rafeal, CA
Gill Wright? WS32 Bobo? Emeryville, CA

Potential Owners: Bill Rosasco? was by for a short time and toured several boats.

Unfortunately, I missed writing down at least 2 other owners? names. If you were left out please email me and advise.

Thanks again for all the hard work that went into making the 2009 WS Rendezvous a success.

I will be announcing the dates for the 2010 Northern CA Rendezvous as soon as I have a confirmation from the San Leandro Yacht Club that we are on their calendar. Presumably, we will meet October 1-3 2010.

Fair Winds
Jay Bietz
Westsail Rendezvous coordinator 2010.


Jay, good report but one small correction. Our boats name is Worldwind, not San Francosco.

J&J "Worldwind"


OOPS -- I'll correct in my notes but missed last nights send to the group.

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