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Thread: "18" Max-Prop Classic 3-blade Feathering Prop, Factory Recond."

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18" Max-Prop Classic 3-blade Feathering Prop, Factory Recond.

Jack Webb

In case anyone is looking for a Max-Prop, I just listed one on eBay. It's an 18", and too big for the W32, but should be a good fit for the 42 or 43. (Input from Bud?) It was factory reconditioned in 2005 and only has about 20 hrs on it since. I purchased it a year ago from a friend, thinking that I might try to modify the rudder opening to make it work on my W32. I decided it wasn't worth going to that much work... I'll find a used 16 instead.



Bud Taplin

The W42/43 takes a 20" diameter prop so that the blades will be out in the waterstream, consequently the 18" one would probably not work too well.

Jack Webb

Thank you for the clarification, Bud. I didn't really know what they needed, but figured the owners probably would. The 20" blades will fit on this hub but that, of course, would mean buying a new set of blades. Probably not the best option.

Would it be as much of a job as I suspect it would to make the 70 mm hub, 1-1/4 in shaft and 18 in blades work on the W32?

Thanks again for your feedback.


Joe Kovacs

Get a prop shop to trim the blades back to 17" or 16"? Easy for them.

Sea Breeze has a 17 X 11 fixed blade (3 blades) sailboat prop and it seems to work OK.

Bud Taplin

Since the 18" Maxprop is designed for an 1-1/4" shaft, to use it on a Westsail 32 it would require changing the shaft, coupling, shaft log, bearing, and stuffing box. Not really worth the effort.

Better to sell it to someone that already has an 1-1/4" shaft, and can use an 18" diameter prop.

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