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Thread: "Great Lakes Rendezvous?"

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Great Lakes Rendezvous?


Any one interested in a rendezvous in the Great Lakes region this summer? Where are most of the Westies located? If my plans work out and I pass through, I'd be happy to host one.


Hi Steve and Vanessa. I am on Lake Ontario, just east of Toronto. My first season with my WS 32.
I am interested in a rendezvous on my home lake.


Is there any one interested in a RV in the Gerogiane Baie - North Channel August-September 2009.
If so let me know and I'll see what I can do?


Remember if you get it together and send us an official announcement to post, the WOA will kick in $200 to the organizer for beer money.
All it takes is 2 boats and a six pack, or an RV? Not quite sure how you guys do it in the Great Lakes!
Keep us posted and email me for details.


Hi Terence,
I live in TO, so can easily drive to where you are if you organise an RV. My boat is in Penetanguishene and I plan on sailing north from mid-august to mid-september. Does anyone know how many westsails there are in the great lakes?
Lets keep in touch

Bud Taplin

Jean, I have 45 Westsail owners on my mailing list for the midwest US and Canada. All do not keep their boats on the Great Lakes, but at the Great Lakes rendezvous we have had in the past, there were at least 5 or 6 boats that showed up, plus some coming by car.


Hi folks,
I've got one, a W32, Neverland (presently on-the-hard) in Duluth lake Superior. I live in Mpls., MN. We plan to spend the early and late season (June, Sept/Oct) in the Apostle islands near Bayfield, WI. July and August we'll sail out of Red Rock on Nippigon Bay, ON.

Steve and Vanessa, where do you plan to be sailing? I'ld be happy to get together with you somewhere on Lake Superior if you make it up this far.

The North Channel would be a 4-5 day sail each way for us. It's unlikely we could do that this summer. It's even a 10-12 hour drive from Mpls. Great are the distances between all the Great Lakes.

We sailed our boat up from the Chesapeake bay via the Hudson R., Erie canal, Trent-Severn to Georgian Bay and North Channel and then traversed the entire length of the remote and wild Canadian shore of Lake Superior over the past two summers.


You might want to note that Steve and Vanessa's post was in March... of 2004 :-)


Thanks Mike. I just returned from a trip to Maine and thought this was a new thread. I'll have to remember to check the dates on the earlier posts.
Any other westsails on Lake Superior?

Jean, I hope to revisit North Channel and Georgian Bay sometime, maybe when I'm on my way back out to the big ocean. I'll be sure to look you up when I do. I thought it was one of the most beautiful and interesting areas I've sailed and particularly challanging navigation in the 30,000 island shore of Georgian Bay.

Have you sailed there long? Any favorite places? We spent 2-3 weeks exploring from the Bustard Is. through the North Channel, but not much time south of that.


Hi David,
I've only had Mazette these last three years and therefore only made it up to Kilarney and a little beyong Little Current last summer.
I plan to go through the North Channel this summer and next year explore the east coast of Georgian Bay. Let me know when you're passing through. As you sailed through the Trent-Severn, did you have to lower your mast?


Jean, yes sailing the Trent-Severn was with the "iron stays'l". We took our mast down before entering the Erie Canal and didn't get it back up until leaving the Trent-Severn. We lowered and raised the mast using the do-it-yourself method. Took about 1/2 day to complete each lowering and raising project. Its the kind of thing you want to have lots of extra hands around the first time, although once worked out, you might be able do it with two people. The difficult part is moving the mast once it's down.

Bud Taplin

An easy way to move the mast after it is lowered.

Take a 2x4 piece of lumber, cut to just slightly longer than the width of the bow pulpit about halfway back, and put some short pieces of wood on the underside to lock into the top rail of the pulpit. On the top side, install a centerline roller from a boat trailer, and pad the brackets holding the roller.

When you lower the mast, set it onto the roller, and then it is easy to pull the mast back once the pin is removed from the tabernacle.


Now there is the voice of experience.
Thanks Bud

Bud Taplin

The thread on mast lowering should actually be under General Discussion, but I don't know how to move it there.


Rosemary and I keep our W32 #724 'Kibitka' at the Kingston Yacht Club on Lake Ontario right where the lake drains into the St. Lawrence River. If any fellow westsailors are planning to cruise through the region this summer we'd be happy to hear from any of you. Just in the process of installing a new head, prop and electrical system prior to this springs launch. The boat goes in on the 25th of April.


Hi Michael,

Bill Higgins and I hope to meet in Tobermory either later this summer,his boat is in Lake Huron and mine in Georgiane Bay. However, I often have business in Kingston, so you never know, I might just drop in and say hello. The Kingston Yacht Club, is that the one in front of the park, near Queens University?


Jean: Sorry for the delay in responding. We're launching in two days and, have been busy as a result. Yes, KYC is the club near Queen's and, feel free to stop in if you get the chance. We don't see many Westsails/Westsailors in Kingston and, it would be good to change that.


Michael and Rosemary,
I was your way last week and left my business card in the companionway. Boat looks good!


Jean: I was speaking to a neighbour at the club (i.e. Don Curry of C&C 42 "Bagatelle"). He let me know he'll be sailing with you at some point this summer. Small world...
The day you were at the club and left your card we were just preparing to race with the fleet of sharks at KYC so, we must have just missed you. Stop in anytime and, hopefully next time you can join us for a drink. All the best...

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