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Thread: "Lashing Spreader Tip"

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Lashing Spreader Tip

Jean Bourgeois

Morning Bud,
How do I properly lash the tip of the spreader to the upper shroud and with what?
Thanks for your assistance Bud.

Bud Taplin

Stainless steel wire works fine if you have a spreader tip with a shallow notch, and holes through the tip to pass the wire.

If you have the round tip with a deep slot, then drill a 3/16" hole through the tip near the end, and put a #10 bolt through the hole with a locknut on the end.

You should then put a cover over the tip of the spreader to prevent snagging a headsail.

Jean Bourgeois

Presently there is a hole will a bolt through the spreader, but what keeps it from either moving up or down?

Bud Taplin

By installing a vinyl boot over the tip, and taping it to the spreader and the wire, it will hold the tip in place.

Norm Rhines


You could also use ss or monel wire and sieze the spreader to the wire.
About 8 tight turns right above the spreader then figure eight through the slot to the bottom of the stay, another 8 tight turns and back to the top, then do it again but with 4 turns then again with 2 but going around the outside not through the slot, then wind the tails up. = easy

This has held my tips fixed for the past 7 years with no problems.
Although I try not to stand any further out than 9" from the mast when standing on the spreaders.

I also used a hose clamp wrapped with rope to keep the wire in the slot and to protect the sails.

Jean Bourgeois

Norm and Bud, thanks for your advice.

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