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Thread: "S-L Hyspeed Windlass"

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S-L Hyspeed Windlass

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

I just purchased an ABI windlass and am selling the Simpson Lawrence Hyspeed that was on the boat. It is good working order, and we just put a fresh coat of paint on it. The internal chain was replaced about four anchorings ago and it has been kept well oiled. It has the standard "multi-size" wildcat/gypsy on it and will work with 5/16" and 3/8" chain.

The only problem is that two of the mounting holes are cracked, with one missing the outer area. We used an extra large fender washer and it was held firmly in place. If someone wanted, this could be fairly easily fixed by a welder or with JB Weld.

I'm including a 3' stainless handle and a copy of the manual.

Asking $450 on ebay, but I'll sell it for $400 + shipping to a WOA member.

To view photos, visit:
SL Hyspeed Windlass

There are other things in that folder that are also for sale. The $400 just includes the windlass and a copy of the manual.

Thanks for your interest!

Michael and Melinda Everett

Anyone know how close the mounting holes for the Hyspeed are to the Sea Tiger 555?
The previous owner sold that unit before I aquired the boat and I still have the holes through the deck.
How do the 2 units compare?
Thanks, Mike

Aaron Norlund


I don't know about the footprint difference. The 555 is a beefier windlass with an all-gear drive. They're proportionately more expensive though.

The Hyspeed doesn't have as much hauling power, but one shouldn't be using a manual windlass to pull the boat around anyway. It has plenty of umph for pulling an anchor and chain up.

Let me know if you're interested in it. It's also on ebay, starting at $375.


Bud Taplin

The highspeed (510 or 9510)is a single speed windlass. The 555 is a two speed windlass.

The hole patterns are different. The Highspeeed has a pattern of 3-3/4" x 8-3/8". The 555 has a pattern of 5-3/4 x 11-3/4".

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