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Thread: "Winch Too Slippery"

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Winch Too Slippery

Terry Shoup

My old Barient winches don't seem to have enough grip on the drums to allow my to bring in sheets unless I tail for all I'm worth, and the grip is so bad I have quit using the self-tailing feature at all. Any ideas for increasing the grip?

Mark and Patti

HI Terry, how many raps you doing, I do 3-4. I know what you are thinking, re knurl the drum. Do not do that. How could the self-tail not work? Sounds like maybe adjustment? What line are you using? Mark. W28 Patricia A

Terry Shoup

I use three or four wraps, and if the line is at all wet, it slips. It's not that the self-tailer doesn't work, it that it grips and damages the outer material of the sheet, since the drum isn't doing it's job. I have StaySet sheet I got from Bud this spring.

Next time I'm down I might try some acetone on the drums and see if that'll get some of the age deposits off. If it works on the drums, I might try it on myself!

Mark and Patti

Terry, I don't know what to tell you about the slipping.Maybe you could ask Bud. But instead of acetone get some Never Dull It's good stuff. Mark.

Bud Taplin

Sounds like your winch drums are burnished from use. A rubbing compound might remove the burnished finish.

Mark and Patti

HI Terry, on second thought maybe a lite knurl and then polish it down a little would work. What do you think Bud? Terry I still have the shop till the end of this month, then I am re tired. I can see it all now, sittin on the hook at Catalina drinkin Kool-Aid and eatin hot dogs. Mark.

Norm Rhines

I hate to ask the obvious (did someone wax the drums or the lines?) or spray them down with? silicone or alike?

If your drums are chromed, then cleaning them might get you to where you have the needed surface friction.

If your drums are all bronze you could touch them up with a light 220 in vertical motion just enough to take the shine off the working area of the drum. (this assumes there is NO knerling on the drum. i.e. do not sand areas with texture!)

Lastly: are the little springs in top of the self tailer working correctly (allowing the line to open up the jaw section a little to recieve the line fully?) I have to pull the line into these to get the self tailer to work with out sliping on my boat. Just a? you feed the line from the fourth wrap on the drum up over the finger into the self tailer and let it self tail after making a complete 360 (less the finger) right?

Just doing the random check.
Fair winds with min grinding time.


Terry, how old are the sheets? With age, they expand. Mine were not grabbing either, and the self tailing was a joke.

Got new lines, best crew I ever had.

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