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Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

It is clear to me that the Norseman fittings on my boat are matured so to speak. My friend, Bob, showed me some newer/less mature edition of the Norseman fittings which were smaller and lighter, and he assures me, not discounted.
Bob says I probably cannot get new cones for the old Norseman fittings. It's Sunday and I can't get much rigging help down here after Hurr. Ike has had every professional tied up for some time.
I don't mind hiring a pro, but if I cannot get one, does anyone have any suggestions for a semi-permanent fitting for the one shroud I need to replace promptly? I got one from Bud with one swaged end. I am thinking perhaps to just buy one Stalock and get after it.

Aaron Norlund


Staloks are very easy to install yourself - they definitely don't need a pro! Get rid of the Norsemans you think are shot (or replace them all) and use Stalok. You can get good prices on them from Sailing Services in Miami (www.sailingservices.com). They're the only distributor in the US (though they sell to all of the other people who retail them in the states).


Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Greetings to you, Aaron,
I think you told me this once before.
So, for your further info, Aaron, I inherited a white spare parts bag of about 10 fittings. The bag had "Stalock" marked in permanent black ink. So, I'm thinking Sta Lock", but . . . wrong, wrong, wrong. On closer inspection by knowledgeable eyes stronger than mine, you could pick up the Norseman name in black ink somehow imbedded in the fittings.
Anyway, back to the drawing board. I appreciate the referal to Sailing Services, again. West Marine is saying 10 days.

Norm Rhines


If you are reusing the norseman fittings (A good rout to use in the reinstall with new cones) is to soak the old fittings and nuts without the cones in a bucket of nitric acid (Be careful Nitric is a very strong acid and will need to be neutralized before disposing of the liquid) but it will do a great job of cleaning and passivating the ss parts. about 6 hrs soak and no more than 9 hr is all that is req. The 2 liter bucket of nitric I used worked for all of my small stainless steel parts = about 50 to 60 small ss parts.

after word you should try to do a dye penetrant on the fittings just to ck for cracks, if there are none (your fittings are as good or better than new, if you use new cones)

Best of luck and be sure to do exactly as the assembly instructions say.

Norm Rhines

OH remember the old addage of acid into water like it autoo

don't add water to the acid as it is exothermic (GETS REAL HOT!) a very bad thing (Just think boiling acid = very very bad).

And if you are not comfortable working with acid you could find a shop that electro plates, or passivates stainless steel, to do the work for you.
Not sure of locations in TX

Ralph and Sandra Weiland

Just a few more words of caution. Nitric acid is a VERY strong oxidizer, and like sulfuric, mixing it with water is VERY exothermic. (1) Never handle either of these acids without goggles and neoprene or other acid-resistant gloves. And try to have a shower nearby (or a lake) to jump into in case something happens. (2) Never add water to acid as it will probably boil VIOLENTLY and spray you with scalding acid. Permanent blindness is extremely easy to achieve!!! Nitric will turn your skin yellow if it comes into contact with skin. As for neutralizing before disposal, this should probably be done, but it's hard to do properly. You can use soda lye (also very exothermic when being made up as a solution from solid pellets (read Drano)) but it's real easy to over-neutralize which is as bad as not neutralizing enough. And the neutralization reaction is also very exothermic. You can use pH paper to indicate neutrality, but that's getting pretty technical. A bucket of nitric is a "frightening" thought. Best stay with a small quantity and clean your fittings in small batches. Then you don't have that much to dispose of. Bottom line: nitric acid is very hazardous and should be treated with the utmost respect.

Norm Rhines

I strongly second all of Ralph's comments!

2 liters was a small amount for my purposes 0.75 liter would be way more than enough for the norseman fittings.

A dunk basket is a good thing to use as well.

Lastly the fumes from this are very toxic! Caution!!

But if you take care this is an easy thing to do (but if you don't take care, it could kill you).

Sorry if I had understated the risks of acid.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

It never occurred to me that the boat could have a combination of old non-resuable Norsemans, newer reusable Norsemans, and reusable Stalocks. That appears to be exactly what we have, however, with most all of them looking to be reusable. I guess I got off light on this detail.
I suppose others may have a combination of terminal fittings, as well.

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