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Thread: "Engine Control Protection Device"

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Engine Control Protection Device

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Ahoy Mates,
Steve and Ken asked me to try to get some pics of what they told me was an engine control protection device installed on my boat. After some exchanges of emails it occurred to me they were talking about my favorite handhold in the world. A 10" SS very heavy duty handhold mounted just above the engine controls (I have Morse). I thanked my prior owners daily while working in the engine room. I used that handhold hundreds of times, I kid you not, and was very thankful for it. Apparently, it's primary function is to protect the controls from falling mishaps.
So, hopefully, now that you my mates have nudged me into the age of digital photography, here's my best shot:
#1 world's best handle or engine control protection device:

Pic Satori-handhold&engine2009 001.jpg

Stephen and Lu Ann Yoder

Thanks for the photo Randy. I'll have to make my handhold a bit deeper since my control lever is a Teleflex SL-3 which has a wider, probably more "palm-friendly" handle. Of course, the wider handle also made a great spot for my clumsy foot to land on, forcing the handle into the reverse position without bothering to lift up the neutral lock first. Fortunately, a replacement was pretty easy to obtain and install. But not particularly cheap. So guess what's going on my to-do list now.


Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

You'll love it, I'm sure, especially if you spend any time down in the engine room.
Good luck,

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