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Thread: "Lubrication Tip: White Lithium Grease"

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Lubrication Tip: White Lithium Grease

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Astounding success on the lubrication and re-installtion of the old Aries windvane.
First, get away from the water so you can lubricate properly without causing an international incident.
Second, use WD 40 or similar unsieze lubricant and plenty of it, and yes you will need the little red extension tube. Within 12 hours you are gonna get results. For me the siezed ratchets and springs freed during the course of a dinner.
Third, work the parts, over and lube again, and work the parts, all the parts, again and again.
Fourth, lubricate all moving parts with a simple sewing machine oil, and work parts, and more oil, etc... I used the old standared white, black, red container.
By now, everything is lubricated, right? Yes, but my old man taught me a secret. He taught me to use white lithium grease (GM, 101, Lubriplate) lots of trade names (WWII mechanic and ran printing presses). He used it always on his fishing tackle, Shakespeare type bait cast reels. And I've learned to love it over the years. So, imagine my satisfaction and pleasuer when I went to town on my W32 and visited my shrimpboat store chandler. They were selling the stuff by the case, I kid you not. They must have had 20 cases stacked up right in front of the cash registers. Lubriplate 101 in a tube.
Long story short, it sure loosened up that old windvane, and that, they say, is the key to good performance. We'll find out soon. Just thought I'd pass on my experience.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Thanks, Aaron,
That's a great idea to rinse out the WD40 while it's easy. And yes PB Blaster is much better than my suggestion, and even better perhaps would be Corrosion X.
However, I think you are right, and while hanging from a tree branch off a pulley in the backyard, it just may be that the windvane will get a fresh water rinse and then fresh oil and lithium grease.
Thanks again.

Aaron Norlund


Thanks for the tip. I'd like to mention to everyone though that WD-40 will displace grease, so if you choose to use it in the the process of unseizing stuff, be sure to get it rinsed out before applying grease. Otherwise, your grease may not stay put and do its job.

I have had a LOT of success using "PB Blaster" (www.pbblaster.com), which can be found at Auto Zone, Discount Auto Parts, etc... It is designed to unseize and does not displace greases.

Let us know how the windvane works out!

Happy sailing,

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