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Thread: "Trisail For Sale"

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Trisail For Sale

Norm Rhines

Randy had asked but he has the external track.
So after taking pictures and info.
I am listing one Heavy Weight 9oz NEW orange Trisail
asking $475.00 + shipping = about 70% the cost to order new.
The sail's dimensions are as follows.
12'-8" luft
11'-8" foot
19'-4" leach
With 3/4" slider slugs for internal track
(Bronze Top & Bottom slugs in the middle are Plastic self lubricating slugs)

please see attached 5 photos of the Sail & Bag

If you need higher res Photos just ask.

Frank and Melanie Scalfano


I have to admit, I have never set my trysail. I was wondering, though, would it be useful, aside from heavy weather, to steady the boat at anchor?


Norm Rhines


It could be, Buy you should think about shading solar panels etc.
also about how much UV you will subject the sail to. And lastly if you start sailing at anchor you will really start sailing?

I am more into the flopper stopers poled out +/- My big dodger seams to keep us in to the wind+/-

Hope this helps?

Norm Rhines

Just a FYI. Sail is Sold, to another Hawaiian.
Who would have guessed?

Thank you, to all that were interested.

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Hey nice sail. Nice photos too and the scene looks kind of familiar.

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