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Thread: "More Back Issues ??"

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More Back Issues ??

Joe Hanley and Jayne Sagar

Hello good people :-)
I have read the PDF version of Windblown - great stuff.. I now NEED a further 'FIX' ... :-) ..
Please can you update us on when the previous versions will be available online, or, if I can order a pack of back issues by snail mail to the uk.?

Thanks for all the hard work


Michael Dougan

Well, it was our hope to offer as many back issues as possible online, however, with the files ranging from about 3mb to our latest at 6mb or more, we're starting to run short of available storage space.

If I can sort out the storage problem, then it's just a matter of collecting old issues. I think I have maybe one or two from 2004. If anyone else has any older versions, click on my user name and e-mail them to me, and I'll see if we can eventually get them on the website.

In the meantime, Joe and Jayne, let me know if it's alright to e-mail you with a 3mb attachment and I can send you the one or two additional copies I have.

Joe Hanley and Jayne Sagar

Hello Michael
Aboslutely, yes.. please do.
As many as you have and have time to send.
Your help is very much appreciated.
Joe n Jayne.

Michael Dougan

OK, the Spring 2004 edition is on the way... I should also be posting that under the Member's Area soon..

Steve & Vanessa

Hi Mike,

I have all eleven of the previous electronic versions of WB. When I re did the web site to it's current version, I always had the intention of posting them - but with the web space limitation I couldn't. I would make the recommendation that we move off of Hostway and onto something else where we can have more space.

For example, iPower.com has a deal for 2 gigs of space and 500 email addys for 7.95/month including free set up and domain transfer. Plus, if you sign on for the 24 month deal, it is only 6.95/month. iPower is where I host the Nereus web site. Now that I am back on shore, if you want I am more available to help you some.

- Steve

Michael Dougan

Oh boy, don't open yourself up like that Steve (grin). Turns out that Hostway bumped up everyone's available space, so, now we've got almost a gig free, so, I just posted all the issues I had. If you've got more, then either FTP them up to the _library folder under member or e-mail them to me at my yahoo account and I'll post them.

We could definitely consider moving to a new host, but keep in mind that there are a lot of complications, such as the Miva Merchant storefront, the MySQL database, the message board... if there was an easy way to migrate all of this to the other site and it was cheaper and better we should do it.

Will definitely take you up on the offer of help. I've just been keeping the membership and message board logins up to date... no time really to improve on the layout of the site...

If you have chat software installed, send me your user name... mine is greatsoft (my company is great software inc) and you can join in on the occassional e-meeting with Louis and a few others of us...

Steve & Vanessa

Hi Mike,

I see the access codes are still the same, so I skipped the middle man and put the old WB directly into the _library folder. I'll also be happy to update the links so members have direct access, but will have to do that tomorrow. You can thank me later.

Contact me off line via email to discuss user names and which chat you use. Being a Mac guy, I tend to stick to ol' AIM.

Talk to you soon.


ps. How's the weather up there? Did you end up leaving your boat in the water and how is that working out?

Steve & Vanessa

All electronic back issues are now online in the Members Area.

Bud Taplin

Just to let you guys know, I have about 30 years worth of back issues of both Windblown, the original Westsail publication, Windbag, and the kit builders letters from Westsail. However, I am not about to spend the time and effort to scan them all in. If someone else wants the project, I may consent to send them the issues, providing they complete the project and return the issues.

Bud Taplin

Ed and Elizabeth Pullen

I would be interested in carrying out the scanning project. I would want to communicate with the guys here (Mike, et al) to find out what is the preferred format. But basically, it would be a matter of scanning and saving to CD. I really think this is an important project, and I tip my hat to you for making these documents available. I will send a copy of this to your email at worldcruiser, and we can set up the particulars.
Ed Pullen
W32 Kibitka

Michael Dougan

from our experience, the best electronic format for scanned documents is .PDF format. There are .PDF viewers available for all kinds of computers (Macs, Windows, Linux etc). Also, it handles graphics, photos and text equally well... though, the files can get pretty large.

You might be able to cut the file size if you can put the documents though Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software... this converts the text in the document to computer text... otherwise, scanned documents are typically saved as Pictures which greatly increases their file size.

However you might save them, it would be a great benefit to everyone, so, thanks for stepping up!

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