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Thread: "W32 #475 - Jenny Leigh - For Sale"

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W32 #475 - Jenny Leigh - For Sale

Aaron Norlund

1975 Westsail 32 #475 - Jenny Leigh
For Sale

Jenny Leigh was purchased in 2007 with plans to fully restore her to better-than-original glory. Over a thousand man hours later spent stripping the entire hull's gel coat, repairing blisters, barrier coating from keel to bulwarks, and reapplying gelcoat, plus removing and repairing rotted interior parts, preparing the deck for new gelcoat and non-skid, sealing the hull to deck joint, and many other jobs, Jenny Leigh is well on her way to being a brand new boat. However, due to schedule changes, the boat is being sold to someone interested in finishing the renovation.

This boat is perfect for someone who cannot afford a ready-to-cruise boat, or for those who would like a boat to which they can immediately apply their own ideas. Because Jenny Leigh is mid-restoration, modifications to the deck and interior will be easy, as one will not have to spend time undoing and correcting previous owner's modification. Every item removed from the boat has been labeled and packaged, as well as labeled with reference numbers to the original Westsail construction manual. Many items were sent for reconditioning upon removal, including ALL stainless parts.

All fiberglass and gelcoat work has utilized waterproof vinylester resins. Thousands of dollars have been spent working toward making Jenny Leigh one of the fleet's finest boats, with great care going into every decision, and no step skipped in the renovation of the hull.

To see photos of the current state renovation, visit:
Current Photos

Photos of the boat as she was when purchased:
Older Photos

Boat includes all rigging, new bowsprit, boomkin, Taplin stern pulpit and bow pulpit, suite of sails, and many other things. For a thorough list of the boats inventory and completed work, please email me. Initial inquiries can be made to Aaron at aaronnorlund@comcast.net, or by clicking the name "blahman" to the left. Those with greater interest will be forwarded to the owner, Steve Morisky.

Jenny Leigh is currently on the hard in Key Largo, FL. Offered for $19,000. This price is for the boat with completed exterior gelcoating, buffed and polished (in process).

Fair winds and shady quarters,
Aaron N.}

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

Jenny Leigh is now listed on eBay.


Aaron N.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Don't know the circumstances or keel set up, but I believe lead is right at $1.00 per pound. If you have 7500 pounds of lead, and a bunch of other valuable components, . . . know what I mean???
Best wishes.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Oh, by the way, Bud, if you see this thread,
would there be any chance that a 1974 W32 would have any amount of steel in the lower keel?

Aaron Norlund


Thanks for the idea. This isn't my boat, but I'm pretty sure Steve would bqlk at the idea of scrapping the boat for $7500! She deserves to sail, so if he can't sell the boat, he'll just keep on working on it until he can or can go sailing!


Aaron Norlund

Jenny Lee is now available for $12,500 to the first person with money in hand. Don't snooze!


Aaron Norlund


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