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Thread: "Alternatives To Kern - What Have You Tried ?"

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Alternatives To Kern - What Have You Tried ?

Joe Hanley and Jayne Sagar

Hello all.
I emailed Kern re sails for a W32 and to date have received no reply at all. I am sure his products are superb, but worry slightly about the lack of contact (he MUST be busy - a good and bad sign) :-) .. Out of interest, what other makes have you had great expereinces with and a good price AND great performance / longevity / suitability obtained.. which lofts seem to know their stuff for the 32?..
I will seriously consider Kern for our new sails, but would like a company I can contact quickly - by email - to remedy problems and offer advice.
I really dont want to sound pedantic about this, and mean absolutely no offense to Kern and his excellent products, but customer service, and more realistically, the ability to contact the company in a remote part of the world (by email) is VERY high up on my criteria for chosing a company if I intend to spend around 4 or 5 thousand dollars.

Many thanks

Joe / Jayne - UK

Dave King

Ahoy Joe and Jane, Kern's e-mail address is: kernsails@sbcglobal.net
This is a change from what may have been listed earlier. Good Luck

Joe Hanley and Jayne Sagar

Hello Dave, hope you are well.
The address I have was given to me by Bud about 3 weeks ago, but will try the other one. I will probably go for a different loft if I cant get appropriate response in a timely manner.
Many thanks for the help (again :-) )


Joe Hanley and Jayne Sagar

Hi Rich, well with the greatest respect, I will look elsewhere. No offense meant to Kern, he is obviously busy. As said above, I just want to deal with a company who responds in a timely manner.
No worries.


Rich Morpurgo

you have to call. I know that is tough from the UK.

He does not email.


Rich Morpurgo

Port Townsend sails.


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