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Thread: "Diesel Generators"

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Diesel Generators

Frank and Melanie Scalfano


What diesel generator set would you recommend for the W32?


Bud Taplin

Depends on how much power you are looking for. You first need to decide what you need 110 volts for, then size the generator accordingly. Many people find they can get along with a portable air cooled generator, stored in the lazarette, and placed on the aft deck when needed.

There are also some small diesel genarators available that fit in sound proof boxes that can be mounted in the engine compartment.

George and Rayna Shaunfield

The portable air cooled ones can be placed on the aft deck when needed, and disturb the peace and quiet of everyone within 500 feet in all directions? Is that the kind? I have heard of them being used in that way.

I suspect inside mounted ones would be less irrating to others.

Frank and Melanie Scalfano

Aside from the consideration that George mentioned, there is the safety factor with gasoline powered generators--namely CO poisoning. Even if it is on the lazarette, that does not mean that the exhaust will not find its way into the cabin. I have done some reading on the subject, and generators are probably the number one cause of CO poisoning on boats. I have seen air-cooled portable diesels, but the ones I am aware of weigh over 300 lbs. I think the water-cooled engine compartment generators would be preferable, but they seem to be pretty pricey. I was considering a generator to power an air conditioner and possibly a refrigerator.


Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Generators scare me.
In Hurricane Ike I personally heard of many more reports (radio) of deaths from Carbon Monoxide poisoning than from any other cause. These were caused by gasoline generators in the aftermath of the storm. On generator even leaked CO from outside the house, drifting it up into the soffits and attick vents and into the house killing an entire family.

Frank and Melanie Scalfano

I would agree with Randy, but I do not want to digress too much from my original question, is there a reasonably priced small diesel generator available in the 3-5 kw range that would be suitable for the W32?


Bud Taplin

I can get a Next Gen 3.5 KW with diesel engine. The enclosure is 30" long, 18" wide, and 16-1/2" high. Weight is 200 lbs. I will send you an email with pricing.

Mike McCoy

The current rage among cruisers here in the NW Caribbean is the small 'suitcase' Honda EU2000 (or 1000's).

It's not available in the states but I have a Honda EX1000 and love it. It's not cased in plastic like the suitcase Hondas. Rather it's metal and seems more 'industrial stength' than the portable suitcase Hondas. I know I've even run mine in the rain which is not recommended with the suitcase Hondas.

re: being noisy, annoying neighbors. The Hondas are REALLY quiet. I can hardly hear mine until I get right up to the boat and the suitcase Hondas are even quieter.

re: Carbon Monoxide. Certainly something to be aware of. I run mine on the cabin top forward of the mast, behind the forehatch. When at anchor there is most likely a fair breeze blowin so I don't really worry about it.

Personally, I'd think a diesel genset located in the stern would be too heavy.

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